Activism, one stitch at a time

Most Australians are probably familiar with the startling image of Craig Reucassel standing on a mountain of clothing in Sydney Martin's Place. The mountain was a physical portrayal of Australia's obsession with fast fashion, showing the number of items we send to landfill every ten minutes. Most Australians probably also remember the Ranza Plaza tragedy… Continue reading Activism, one stitch at a time

Make your own Mother’s Day chocolates

Mother's Day, like so many other Hallmark holidays, can become a little commercial if attention isn't paid. While chocolates and flowers are the cliche gift, they can become personal if you're prepared to spend a little bit of time slowing down and simplifying the process. Rather than racing to the store to buy a box… Continue reading Make your own Mother’s Day chocolates

Slow-cooking for easy mornings

Waking to the aroma of stewed apples and cinnamon on a crisp morning is my idea of simple pleasure. While the scent is beautiful enough, it's the part about waking to work that's already done which holds most of the joy, particularly as a sleep-deprived parent. Typically, a work-free breakfast that's brimming with flavour requires… Continue reading Slow-cooking for easy mornings

April showers make busy hands and green gardens

In the land of blogs, people usually go quiet for one of two reasons. Either they've had enough of putting time into writing posts only to hear crickets in response, or they're busy living. While it would be wonderful to hear more from my followers (please say hello!), it's the latter reason that things have… Continue reading April showers make busy hands and green gardens