Make do and mend: sweater season

Extending the life of our clothes is one of the most significant ways to reduce the impact our fashion consumption has on the planet, and it also saves us money. Knitwear is prone to pilling, which makes the garment look old and daggy, prompting many people to throw away their old jumpers and purchase a… Continue reading Make do and mend: sweater season

Waste not, want not: wrapping paper

Unwrapping a gift to discover what delightful surprise lies beneath is a joyful and ceremonial act, particularly for younger children. But single-use wrapping papers are problematic for the environment (most are coated in plastic, made of non-recyclable foil or contain toxic dyes) and also a waste of money. Why buy an expensive roll of paper only… Continue reading Waste not, want not: wrapping paper

Autumn arrives

After one last heatwave followed by a few days of torrential rain, the weather has finally transformed into Autumn. After what seems to have been six months of heat, I'm relishing the cooler weather and the changes it brings to our home, garden (so many mushrooms have popped up) and our routines. On the first… Continue reading Autumn arrives