Frugal food (and hidden veg): dips

Before I had a husband and children, my Friday night dinner with flatmates would happily involve cheese, crackers, olives, dips and wine. It covered almost all of the food groups (*ahem*), and was, more importantly, an enjoyable way to wind down from the week and step into weekend mode. These days, there's more plates of… Continue reading Frugal food (and hidden veg): dips

Seasonal eating: iced treats

Popsicles, ice-blocks, ice pops and ice lollies. Whatever you want to call them, warm weather is made for iced treats. They're the perfect snack on a humid sub-tropical afternoon, or can be presented as a dessert when good behaviour warrants something special after dinner. Ice blocks can also be a great way to perk up a… Continue reading Seasonal eating: iced treats